Lucky Heroes

Lucky Heroes is an online casino experience like no other. A fully gamified brand where adventure awaits, champions are made, and legends are born.

The Player’s Quest

Players won’t only gain access to thousands of games and leading payment options when they create an account at Lucky Heroes, they’re invited on a thrilling quest to save the magical realm of Valoria. Players must journey through the casino collecting coins by making deposits, placing bets, completing challenges and winning tournaments.

These hard-earned coins can then be used to free the Lucky Heroes, or trade them for Free Spins, Bonus Money or Free Bets in the Bonus Bazaar. Only when all Lucky Heroes are freed can the realm be saved. Can they be the hero that Valoria needs?

The Legend of Valoria

The ancient and magical realm of Valoria has been plunged into darkness by a malevolent ruler and his horde of evil spirits. Only a few lucky citizens survived the war, clinging to wisdom in the midst of madness.

The fate of Valoria now rests on their shoulders, but they’ve been scattered across the realm and held captive amidst the destruction. A brave adventurer must take on the daunting mission of freeing these Lucky Heroes, as they must rise up and strike at the heart of darkness together.

If they succeed, they will be remembered for generations to come for bringing peace to the realm and saving it from destruction.

The Realm’s Wonders

Part I

Lucky Heroes

Players must unite the Lucky Heroes in their pursuit to save the ancient realm of Valoria. For each hero they collect, they shall be rewarded with a bonus.

Bonus Bazaar

Players will accumulate coins throughout their journey which they may trade for additional Lucky Heroes or exchange them for rewards at the Bonus Bazaar.

Battles of Valoria

Players must battle evil forces seeking to unite the heroes for darker purposes. With each victory, they will receive a horde of coins.

Weekly Quests

Collecting the Lucky Heroes was never going to be easy. Players must use their guile and cunning complete challenges and get rewarded with more coins.

Ranks of Honour

Players begin as a mere scorpion in a barren wasteland, but can grow into a mighty dragon. Each rank will give them financial privileges and noble rewards.

Part II

Army of Warriors

As time passes, the Heroes call upon their kin to join them on their quest. Each new Hero brings with them a reward and an extra bonus is granted when all are united.

Siege of Salvation

It’s time to save Valoria. Players must embark on a series of missions to destroy the evil that encompassed the land and unlock special rewards.

Map of Valoria

With a realm as vast as Valoria the Heroes require a map to travel the land, but players must be warned, they will face a battle at every step.

Part III

Fortify Strength

Just as the player can grow into a dragon, each Hero must gather courage and strength, evolving twice to form an unbeatable army.

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Meet the Heroes

The Knight

Richard is a brave and noble warrior who spent his life training to defend his people. He is a skilled swordsman and a master of defensive combat. Known for his strength and determination, he’s always ready to help players in need.

The Mage

Sylas is a wise and powerful enchanter who grew up studying the ancient magic of the realm. Known for his wisdom and intelligence, he is a master of the elements and can wield the power of fire, water, earth and air with ease.

The Archer

Astrid is a skilled markswoman and a master of stealth. She’s known for her precision and accuracy as she spent her entire life honing her skills, becoming an expert at using a bow and arrow to take down her enemies.

Can they complete their quest and save Valoria?

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Brand Info

  • Year Launched: 03/2023
  • License: Curacao


Main Markets

  • DE, AT, CH, NO, FI, TR, AU, NZ

Additional Support

  • CA, FR, BE, ES, PL, IT, HU, CZ, CL, PE, BR

(Local currency supported in all markets)

Brand Assets

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